Thursday, 13 August 2015

vegas and the luxor

Sunday 9th August 2015 to Thursday 13th August 2015

Saturday, 8 August 2015

northwest dmc

Thursday 6th August 2015
Today was a massive sleep in and a catch up with Em and the two dogs Paco and Cookie.  We did not leave the house until 12.30 when we decided to get lunch and then head to DMC North West to see Toby.  Got the parts we needed for the car and had a look around the workshop at the DeLoreans in being worked on.  Had a nice talk to John the mechanic as well.  Ended up spending about 2 hours there which flew by.
We then drove back to Em's house as we were going out for dinner with her.  We ended up going to a nice pizza restaurant named the Flying Squirrel which was right near Boeing Field.  After dinner we had a walk around that neighbourhood before heading back to her house.

cougar mountain and seattle city

Friday 7th August 2015
Up and about today to go to Cougar Mountain Zoo, at Issaquah.  The zoo was very cool as they had Cougars of course and Bengal Tigers.  They also had Emu's for their bit of aussie content.  Spent about 3 hours there and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The bird show was particularly good.
Drove into downtown Seattle and parked near the Space Needle.  Had a walk around the needle and then walked to the wharf.  We walked along the wharf to Ivars cafe which sell fish and chips.  Its been there forever and the food was pretty good.  We then walked back through the city to the needle.  It was around 8.00 pm and we went to buy tickets to go up.  There was going to be a two hour wait on the entry due to the amount of people going up.  Decided not to go up as that meant we would have only had 1 hour up there and we have done it heaps of time before XXX (interval) about to board the plane home!!!!

roslyn dmc bbq

Saturday 8th August 2015
Today we met some of the members of the PNDC (Pacific Northwest Delorean Club) at Burger King at Issaquah so we could drive to Roslyn for the annual club bbq.  We were met by 5 cars at Burger King and travelled together the 70 miles to Roslyn.  Once there we met another 4 cars and their owners.  The bbq was nice, the food, the people and the weather was just spectacular.  We sat around eating and talking all things Delorean which was nice.  At about 4.00 pm we all decided to leave and convoyed back towards Seattle as a group.  It was so cool to see 7 cars end for end travelling along the highway.  It certainly got some looks from passers by.
We travelled through to Boeing Field and went past the Museum of Flight which was shut but we were able to see the planes outside.  They are doing a lot of work and building a new building to house some of the planes that have sat outside.  One exciting thing is that Boeing gave the museum a 787 Dreamliner which is now on display.  Apparently it is prototype number 3.  Next time we will have to return and go and see that.
Tomorrow we head to Vegas really early.  5 more nights to go and we have to come back to reality.

buick rental

our buick verano

Thursday, 6 August 2015

spruce goose and seattle here we come

Wednesday 5th August 2015
After a full on day on Tuesday being delayed and spending the day at San Francisco we had a bit of a late start to the day.  By the time we left the motel it was close to 10 am.  We had about 30 miles to travel to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum to see the Spruce Goose.  Once we arrived we entered the museum and it was awe inspiring.  This aeroplane was so big it was hard to fathom.  It was built in the 40's and today it is the biggest plane to ever fly.  The wingspan is larger than the A380.  The difference here is it was completely made of wood.  Howard Hughes was the builder and designer and he piloted the plane on its one and only flight.  If you are ever in Oregon you need to come and see this monster.  There was also lots of other planes to see and another complete building devoted to space travel.
Another big draw card here was the 747 on top of a building that is a water park.  The 747 is the actual water slide with the tubes going through the plane.  There is also a second 747 just parked up out the front on the lawn.
Once done at the museum we had about 330 kms to drive to get to Seattle.  Stopped at Denny's for dinner on the way along with some DQ blizzards to get us through the drive.  Got to Em's house around 10.30 pm.  It was great to see her after 9 months.  It was now bed time after such a long day.

wombat sees the spruce goose

inside the sg

cool plane

our tour guide

tail end of sg

army jeep


motors on the sg, 4 each side

photo of sg before its flight at long beach ca

Hughes h-4 hercules 'spruce goose'

747 on display

me under the 747

wombat taking a look

space shuttle cart

water slide park

gondola at portland

driving through portland

unexpected san francisco

Tuesday 4th August 2015
We woke early today with a flight booked to Portland with an hour lay over at San Francisco and then connecting onto Portland by 1.30 p.m.  Once we got to the airport and on the plane the pilot spoke to us and advised that we were going to be delayed 1 hour due to fog in San Francisco.  After about 15 minutes they asked all the people connecting to Portland to get off the plane.  This was when they told us that the flight was delayed til 8.50 pm and gave us some options.  We decided to go to San Francisco and spend the day there.  Once arriving into SF we caught the Bart train to the city and decided to go exploring.  We walked along the wharf area and each of the piers.  Got clam chowder out of a bread bowl and then walked to Lombard Street.  From there we walked back through the city taking in some unique SF skyline etc.  We decided to get the train back to the airport at 6.00 pm so we were back in plenty of time.  Once at the airport they then told us the flight was delayed to 10.00 pm.  So we sat at the airport for 3.5 hours waiting.  The flight then never left til 10.30 pm.  Got to Portland by midnight, picked up the rental car and got to the motel and into bed at 2.00 am.  Wow what a long and exhausting day.

the bart train

getting off the trolley

alcatraz in background

lombard st

lombard st

trans america building

fishermans wharf



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