Tuesday, 16 May 2017

galveston and planes

Tuesday 16th May 2017
Today we went to the Lone Star Flight Museum at Galveston and visited the Galveston beach area.  The museum was pretty cool and had some really cool planes in it.  After the museum we drove along the sea wall and took in the beach area.  Galveston beach is really not that pretty as the water is always brown and the sand is far from nice crisp white.  While at Galveston we visited Bishops Palace which is a nice old home built in 1892.  It was an amazing house and had lots of history associated with it.  Once finished at the house we went and had some late lunch at Gringos which is a Tex Mex restaurant and it was really nice.  By the time we made our 1.5 hour trip home it was close to 5pm and Deb dropped us off.
Tomorrow is our last day and we head to the airport at Houston at around 6pm.  So today is a sad day as it's the last full day in the USA.  :-(

houston we have a problem

Monday 15th May 2017
Today we had planned to go to NASA with Deb.  She was picking us up at 8am so we could bet the rush of the school kids that might be there.  It was around an hour trip so we wanted to be there at opening at 9.  NASA was cool.  From the space shuttle that was used for training (its not real, only a mock up).  To the Boeing 747 that piggy backed the shuttle after its missions.  The 747 was really good and we had no idea that we were going to see this and go inside it.  There were also 2 trolley tours that took you to a mock up of the International Space Station and to the original NASA control room.  This also stopped at Rocket Park so we could have closer look at them.  Together with an Imax movie about the space shuttle another presentation about living in the space shuttle we had almost spent all day there.
After NASA we went to a Texas BBQ near the motel and had dinner.  OMG the ribs were so good.  It was an amazing place to eat.

mock up of international space station

mission control

real moon rocks

all of the loads the 747 carried while
used for the space shuttles

extra strengthening inside to carry the shuttle

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