Wednesday, 16 August 2017

vegas, death valley and back to la

Sunday 6th August 2017 to Wednesday 9th August 2017
Back in beautiful Las Vegas and time to relax for a few days.  Sunday we ended up doing some shopping in the outlet mall and Walmart before going out for dinner.  We walked down the strip and went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner instead of driving.  
Monday we got going fairly early and we drove to Death Valley.  It was a couple of hours drive but definitely worth it.  It was 118 Fahrenheit at the visitor centre so I stood next to the sign to get a photo.  Some of the park was closed due to recent flooding such as Sandy Creek where the pup fish are due to flooding.  Also the Devils golf course was closed.  Still did the artists palette and another couple of short walks before getting to Badwater Basin. The temp gauge on the car hit 50 Celsius and it was so hot to breath.  By the time we did that it was time to drive back to couple of hours to vegas.  Went to Red Lobster for dinner which was so nice. 
Tuesday we went to the Clark County Museum which was really interesting as it had houses which had been moved from different areas in the years since Las Vegas had been settled. They re sat the houses in the museum precinct and restored all of them.   It really was quite good.  Give the car another wash to make it look pretty for our last day. 
Wednesday was home time.  With a 5 hour drive back to LA. We stopped at the Vegas Harley store for a look before heading off.  Stopped at Popeyes Chicken on the way before we arrived at Culver City Westfield.  We stopped there with an hour before the rental had to be returned and stretched our legs. Tanked up with gas and drove the 5 mins back to Hertz and said goodbye to Bandit. The 3 weeks went really quickly and I can't believe I'm now sitting in the lounge drinking free spirits you pour yourself and eating all sorts of fancy foods.  Feeling smashed on 2 drinks!  For those who are curious we covered 7500km in the rental car and averaged 9.5 l/100 gas economy. Such a good car. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

meteor crater and route 66

Saturday 5th August 2017

glen canyon dam, horeshoe bend and grand canyon

Friday  4th August 2017
Today we were heading to Grand Canyon but first we wanted to check out the Glen Canyon dam and bridge.   We got to the visitor centre and found out they run 45 min tours for only $5 but the next one was an hour away.  We decided to get lunch and fill the car with gas then come back.  The tour was good,  it took us down on to the dam wall and down to the bottom of the dam at the turbines.  All in all worth the bit of time we had to wait.  From there we drove out the road towards the Grand Canyon and stopped at Horseshoe bend.  There was a small walk to the lookout and that was spectacular albeit a bit scary on the cliff edge.  Got some cool photos of that while standing on the edge.  Then it was about 2 hours to the Grand Canyon and that kind of speaks for itself other than the crazy stormy,  rainy,  thunder and lightening that we got.  We stayed at the Canyon until about 7.30pm which was sunset and then drove the last couple of hours to Flagstaff. Got checked in there to our hotel and then went next door for Ihop. Tomorrow we had to Vegas but not before visiting the Meteor Crater just off the I40 east of Flagstaff. 

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