Tuesday, 17 July 2018

palm springs

Friday 13th July 2018
Today we got up real early and were on the road to the airport by 6.30am. Got the car dropped off and made our way to the airport lounge for breakfast.  Our flight was 2.5 hours, getting in to LA at midday.  Got the bus to Hertz where we picked up our rental.  We booked a Dodge Challenger again cause the last one was so good.  Turns out this year's was the same colour but was a 6.4 litre super bee scat pack. With a whole 360kw it is insanely powerful and fast.  We had to the drive to Palm Springs which took quite a while due to traffic.  Got in by around 5pm, checked in and then went and got some dinner.  Went for a drive and got some drinks so we could sit back in the spa and have a couple of drinks.  Was a big day and it was now really hot.  I think it was 43°c when we arrived and only just cooled a bit by 9pm. Apparently it has been over 110°f for the last couple of weeks.  It's going to be hot for the next week and a half that we have left.

space needle, chihuly gardens and the Monorail

Thursday 12th July 2018
Up early today as we are headed back to Seattle and we want to go into the city and do the Space Needle.  After a 5 hour trip we hit downtown and parked the car right near the Space Needle.  A short walk to buy tickets and we got entry to the Chihuly Gardens as well.  Did the gardens first before getting the lift to the top of the tower.   Chihuly glass is so cool and in all the settings including the outside garden are beautiful.  The Space Needle is having huge renovations that have been going on now for quite a while,  they are still not finished.  This included huge pieces of glass with an unobstructed view.  Not really sure if the glass had actually improved it or not.  Have to wait and see one it's complete.  After taking in the view of the city and Mt Rainier we made our way down and then walked to the Pike Place Markets and then down to the water front.  Got some fish and chips for dinner and then walked back to the Monorail station and caught it back to the car.  Made our way to our motel,  checked in and had lazy night.  Getting up at 5.30am to get a flight to LA tomorrow. 

Friday, 13 July 2018

grand coulee dam

Wednesday 11th July 2018
Today we drove to Grand Coulee to visit the Grand Coulee dam.  It was a fair drive away,  about 2 hours but well worth the drive.  We went straight to the visitor centre so we could get on a tour.  Managed to get on a tour which consisted of a bus ride over the top of the dam and down into the pump room to see where the water pumps were that pump water up into Banks Lake from Lake Roosevelt.  Once done on the hour tour we grabbed lunch from the supermarket and then went to check out Banks Lake and Steamboat rock. It was such a nice day,  the weather was prefect. 
After that we went back to the visitor centre and had a good look through there too.  Was a nice drive back to Spokane and to the hotel. 
Parked the car up and walked to downtown near the river.  Checked out garbage goat that eats all your garbage. It's just a metal goat that has like a big vacuum inside it.  Kind of cute really.  We then did the gondola ride over the falls which was nice.  Had a great view of all the locals doing free yoga.  After that we went roller skating and roller scootering. Had a ball,  brought back memories of the 80's going to the Mount Gambier skating rink every Friday night.  After that it was dinner time which was now near 9.30pm. It was another long but really fun day.  Tomorrow we had back to Seattle and Friday back to LA. 

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