Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Friday 20th July 2018
As we had stayed so close to the east entrance of Zion we only had a short drive to enter the park.  As you come in that side you drive some way before you get to the actual visitor centre.  We stopped at a few lookouts and then drove through the tunnel which is over a mile long cut through solid rock.  The tunnel is cool and we had to do a uturn go back and come through again.  Just because we can.  Once at the visitor centre we parked the car and then caught a shuttle bus to the different stops through the park.  During summer you cannot drive into the main part of the park.  There are 9 bus stops where you get on and off when you like.  We caught the bus to the last stop, the Temple of Sinawava. That has a great walk along river until you get to where you have to then walk in the river as it goes to the narrows.  Spent a few hours in the park and ended up leaving at about 4pm.  There was going to be about a 3 hour drive to Vegas from Zion.  The trip was good thanks to the 80 mph limit getting us to the Luxor by 7pm.  Checked in had a shower and got some dinner.  Was a long day and we went to bed early as I wanted to get up early and use the spa area in the morning.  The next 4 days are all in Vegas and I will do one post for the entire stay there.

This is some random family! 

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

grand canyon

Thursday 19th July 2018
Today was a nice leisurely drive straight north from Williams to the Grand Canyon.  When we got to the carpark at the canyon and I think that eveyone in Arizona had decided to go on the same day.  We struggled to get a park but once we worked that out we walked to the edge of the canyon and walked along the walking track for about an hour.  We got some lunch there and then went back to the car to then drive along the canyon and head to Page.  We stopped at a handful of the turnouts to take in the view of the canyon.  By that time it was close to 5pm so we started to make tracks.  Tonight we're staying at Kanab Utah which is just outside Zion NP.

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